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Adam Rheude

Adam James Rheude
15 JAN 1878 ~ 24 AUG 1968

Adam James Rheude was born January 15, 1878 in Sondernheim, Germany to parents Georg and Elisabeth Rheude. When Adam was just about two years old his family immigrated to the United States on the ship The Herder.

Adam was only three when his mother, Elisabeth (Rund) Rheude, died during childbirth. George, Adam's father, married a woman named Claire. Claire was only a few years older than Adam's oldest brother, Anton, and 20 years younger than Georg.

Great Aunt Freda, my Grandmother's sister, has told me that Claire was a very harsh step-mother. It was because of her that most of Georg's children moved out and away as soon as they could, most around the age of 15.

On March 6, 1899, Adam married Christina May Robinson in Dawson, Illinois. Adam was Catholic and Christina was Protestant. Adam married and lived by the Protestant faith. I am told this caused a bit of "friction" in the family.

Born on March 1, 1881 in Riverton, Illinois, Christina Robinson came from a family of 10 children. Her father, Joseph A. Robinson, served in Company A, 188th Pennsylvania and then Lieutenant for the 118th United States Colored Troops during the Civil War.


Adam and Christina had the following children:


Edith Pearl - 15 FEB 1900 Riverton Illinois. She passed away 10 MAY 1900 in Riverton, Illinois

Ruby Ruth- 3 OCT 1901 in Riverton, Illinois. Passed away 20 NOV 1901 in Riverton, Illinois

Roland Rollo - 3 SEP 1903 in Riverton, Illinois. He died in August of 1977 in Fresno, California

Lester Adam - 25 JAN 1905 in Riverton, Illinois. He passed away 7 APR 1906 in Riverton, Illinois

Bertha Inez - 12 SEP 1906 in Riverton, Illinois. She passed away 13 SEP 1973 in Madison Heights, MI

Eva Ruth - 5 NOV 1908 in Riverton, Illinois. She passed away 6 MAR 1994 in Riverton, Illinois

Thomas Patrick - 3 JUL 1911 in Riverton, Illinois. He passed away 10 SEP 1911 in Riverton, Illinois

Elmer "Dutch" Adam - 16 JUL 1913 in Riverton, Illinois. He passed away 10 NOV 1976 in Riverton, Illinois

Thomas Harrison - 17 DEC 1915 in Riverton, Illinois. He passed away 28 SEP 1986 in Harrisburg, Williamson County, Illinois

Blossom May - 9 NOV 1917 in Riverton, Illinois. She died 10 NOV 1917 in Riverton, Illinois

Freda Alice - private

Alice May - 8 AUG 1920 in Riverton Illinois. She passed away 30 DEC 1957 in Saint John's Hospital, Illinois

Possibly because his step-mother was so mean, Adam swore to his children that he would never remarry (Great Aunt Freda told me this). There was a woman Adam knew for many years who was a midwife and well liked by everybody. Aunt Freda can't remember her name, but she does remember everybody liked her, yet they never did marry. Even though Adam wouldn't remarry because of his mean step-mother, I was told by Aunt Freda that Adam himself was pretty strict. Family lore has it that Roland Rollo Rheude ran away at 15 because of Adam.

The 1930 Census shows Adam and his family living in Riverton, the child, Claudine Hawkins, is my mother. I'm not sure of the reasons why, but my mother lived with Adam and his family until she was eight years old, when her sister, Freda Alice, was born. At that time her parents came and took her out of the classroom and took her home to help with the new baby.

Adam was a coal miner and he worked for the railroad. When the coal miners went on strike he would lay brick and do other odd jobs. At one time, Riverton (used to be called Howlett) boasted two distilleries, the railroad and a couple of paper mills. After Adam retired he delivered newspapers in Riverton.

Adam had lived on Adams Street (possibly 213) in Riverton, Illinois and had been a resident for over 70 years. When I visited his gravesite (30 AUG 1997), my Great Aunt Freda told me Adam had planted the two trees that were next to it, one for him and one for Christina. Adam James Rheude passed away August 24, 1968 in Riverton, Illinois. He is buried in Oakhill Cemetery near Riverton.

I've heard there was a big squabble in the family about Adam's Family Bible. It couldn't be agreed upon who would get the Bible, so copies of the entries were made, passed to his children, and his Bible was buried with him. If you look at these Bible pages, you will see they look like two different sets. I'm guessing one is from George Rheude's Bible and the other is from Adam Rheude's Bible. Of course, this is just a guess!

Both Aunt Freda and Aunt Ruth have told me that Christina hit her head on a nail when she was younger. Aunt Ruth thinks this may be why Christina passed away at so young an age. The only variation in the two stories is that Aunt Freday says Christina was playing in the barn and hit her head on a board with a nail, Aunt Ruth says that Christina was playing under the porch and hit her head on a nail.

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