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William Henry Van Duzen

William Henry Van Duzen was born to parents Henry and Hulda Van Duzen.

(The following was sent to me by Thom Brown, who is also a Van Duzen decendant)

J.H. Beers Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Kent

pg 118 - William H. Van Duzen:

An agriculturist on Lot 17, Conn 10, Chatham Township, has thoroughly demonstrated that a farmers' wealth cannot always be measured by acres alone. By the thorough cultivation of his small tract, and by putting each portion to the use for which it was most obviously designed, he has now one of the most attractive and paying farms in the locality.

Mr. Van Duzen was born in Prince Edward County, Sept. 1, 1847 and comes of a family of successful agriculturists of that locality. His father, Henry M. VanDuzen, who prominently identified himself with the development of the agricultural resources of his section, was also born in Prince Edward County, and there in a well-ordered home grew to manhood. During his early years he received some practical training in agriculture, and both environment and inherent ability decided him upon reaching manhood to continue the occupation. For many years he followed the pursuit of his native county; but later, in 1867, impressed with the excellent agricultural openings in the west, he came to the county of Kent, settling upon a farm in Harwich Township, which he cultivated for several years, and which he also greatly improved from time to time by his well-directed industry, and his careful financial management, he in time became one of the prosperous farmers of his locality. In due time he retired to the town of Dresden, where he died in 1901, at the age of seventy-nine years.

Mr. Van Duzen married Hulda North, who was born in Prince Edward County, and died June 5, 1891. by this union there were eight children, five of whom are now living.

Mr. Van Duzen possessed those sterling traits of character that win success for a man at every step of life-engergy, foresight, persistence and courage. his square business dealings and many winning social attributes attracted to him a large circle of warm friends.

William H. Van Duzen, on his father's farm in Prince Edward County, was reared to a life of strong activity. In the public schools of his vicinity he pursued his studies diligently for several years, laying the foundation for a solid education. Like most farmer's boys he performed his share of the home tasks, and thus acquired a practical knowledge of agriculture, and to some extent of business. A decided [?] and an opening right at hand decided him upon reaching manhood to continue the pursuit, and for a number of years, in fact until he was twenty-six years old, he remained on the farm. Prudent and saving, he was in time enabled to purchase a small tract of his own, and there on fifty acres in Concession 9 county of Kent, he settled and engaged in agriculture for himslef. Taking up his work with zeal, he left scarcely a spot uncultivated, and wisely giving his attention to those products which commanded the highest market value, he made exceptionally well out of his industry. From year to year he improved both the buildings and the ground of his farm. Continuing to prosper, he remained there for eighteen years, when he moved to his present 100 acre farm on Lot 17 Concession 10, where he has carried on his industry very much as on the first farm always making a careful study of the soil and physical conditions, and putting in crops best adapted t their requirements. Three acres of this fine farm are planted with apples, peaches, pears and plum trees, which produce some of the finest fruit marketed in the locality. He and his wife have spared neither time nor energy in beautifying their homestead, and their carefully tended lawn, with rare shrubs and finely shaded trees, is a special evidence of their skill and artistic taste in landscape gardening.

Mr. Van Duzen married December 29, 1875, Lucy Eagleson of Madoc, Canada and of this union there have been four children, three of whom are now living at home: Violet, who married Charles Hassan, a farmer of the county of Kent, James A., Norman S., and Lester E.

Mr. Van Duzen possesses energy and the power of properly directing it to the duties of life. He is not only a hard worker, but one who derives good money returns for his labor. His achievements and his force of character have brought him to the front among the agriculturists of this community. Fraternally he belongs to the Orangeman, Lodge No 918 of Dresden. The Baptist Church counts him among its regular attendants and liberal supporters. Politically he affliliates with the conservatives.

Thomas Eagleson, father of Mrs. Van Duzen, was born in Newton Stewart, Wigtown, Scotland and when eight years old came with his parents to Canada, and settled with them at Madoc. He embarked upon life as a farmer, and as such settled upon a farm in the county of Kent, where he afterward pursued his industry. He died in 1895. In this country he belonged to the Orangemen, holding membership in Lodge No. 958, at Kent Bridge. Mr. Eagleson married Hannah Flog Dale Bacon, granddaughter of Lord Flog Dale of Itering, Norfolk, England. She was born in the year 1832, and her parents came to Canada when she was five years of age. To Mr. and Mrs. Bacon were born seven children, five of whom are now living. Mrs. Eagleson died in Madoc at the age of thirty-four years.

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